Sunday, 6 December 2009

Lezlee Marsden

Reiki Master & One of Doncaster’s Top
Promoters of Positivity
Invites You to an Evening of Enlightenment!

Presented in a warm environment,
A Workshop Worth Attending.

Come and find out how a few simple changes
In your thinking could change your life,
for the better.

It really isn’t as difficult as you think.

Wednesday 9th December
6pm – 7.30pm
The Eating Whole
Copley Road

Places are limited so phone and book your seat Now:
Tel: 01302 561742
Or: 07731 079719

Only £5 per ticket

I look forward to seeing you there

Friday, 4 December 2009

What’s In Your (Wallet) oops, Head?!

Are you happy with what’s going on in there?
An enlightening look at ways you can control your
thoughts that I guarantee will give you peace of mind
when you put the ways into practise.

Join us for a workshop on

The Thoughts in Your Head

Delivered in a relaxing environment

The Eating Whole
Copley Road

Wednesday 9th December 2009

6pm – 7.30pm

There are a limited number of seats available so please book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Telephone: 07731 079719
Or: 01302 561742

Refreshments and light snacks will be available to purchase during the evening.

Workshop Cost: £5.00 per person

Come and have a fun evening in good company.
Book now!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Unexpected

I think it is safe to say, for all of us, that there are times in life when the unexpected gets thrown at us. What do you do?? Well that very much depends of course on what it is that is thrown, where we are with ourselves and how prepared in life we are for the unexpected to happen. I doubt there are many people who live in a constant state of expecting the unexpected so they are always prepared, however, some people just seem to be able to deal with life's testing moments better than others.

One answer to this might be that some people are more prepared to come out of their comfort zones a little, or a lot, quicker than others. Leaving that place of safety is not quite so traumatic because some people are more comfortable with experiencing life; they just get on with it and take it all in their stride.

Do you envy people like that? Do you sometimes wish you could be more like that instead of thinking of all the worst case scenarios that inevitably stop you from jumping into things?

At this stage I know some people will be saying 'Yes, but, I can't just up sticks and shoot off somewhere because I have people depending on me for x, y or z.' What I would say to you people is time for a reality check! This might not be the nicest way of getting a message across, it's certainly to the point - guess what? You are replaceable! If you were kidnapped by aliens or (hopefully not) had to go into hospital for example, life would go on without you. Other people would take up the reins and fill in where you once were and life would continue.

Sad perhaps but very true, we are all replaceable in some respects so why stop living your life, moving forward and why turn down opportunities that come your way 'just incase?' Grab those opportunities with both arms open wide! They are often the ones that come along to teach us something new. These opportunities present themselves because the time is right for us to move forward in some way; to learn a new skill; to see another side of something; perhaps even to move us away from what has become a mundane existence.

Don't 'exist' when you can live. Be prepared for unexpected things or at least be ready in the sense that when something presents itself, you don't automatically look for excuses to stay in your comfort zone but you say 'brilliant, what do I have to put in place so I can go with this?' Live life to the full and get out of it as much as you can ~ it makes you a much more interesting person and when your time is up, you won't be the one lying there feeling as though there was always something missing, you just couldn't put your finger on what that was......

Have fun, be creative, learn from within.


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Monday, 16 November 2009

The Miracle of Life

How simply amazing and wonderful is the miracle of life? Today I found out that my daughter is carrying a daughter! Just thinking about that has reminded me of when I was carrying my children and the joy I felt; the wonder at that little person growing inside of me. I was often totally overcome by the magic of it all and even now, cannot find words to convey the depth of my feelings with each of my pregnancies. The intensity of the love I felt towards that little life developing and the times I would spend totally engrossed with my thoughts about what was happening, and now the cycle of life continues. My first born is carrying her first; I love you Cx.

Then, to the opposite extreme, my little one (age 7) went to bed and had an upsetting few minutes at the thought of death!! What prompted this I doubt I will ever know although he is quite intense at times so it could have just struck him that the opposite of birth is death and so he questioned his own mortality....??

My middle child is also questioning I think although his thoughts are more along the line of how life can be so unfair; he's almost 18! For those of us who have come through this stage and lived to tell the tale, we can empathise. He has yet to find his place in society, his niche, his foothold, so life is difficult and frustrating.

Although I don't think any of my children consciously realise it, they are all in a fantastic position in so many ways. Apart from the obvious of having their health etc, they all question and analyse things yet they don't realise how important this skill is and where it could take them. Some people never question anything. They just accept what life throws at them, often stopping to complain and moan but never thinking they have the option or the power to change things.

We can all change whatever we want in life anytime we want, we just have to do it. We have to stop worrying about the 'Whatifs' and instead work out 'what do I need to do.' If you want to change your current situation or something in your life that you are not happy about, don't sit there moaning about it, do something about it!

Before you know it you could be faced with the questions of a 7 year old so don't be like a teenager and sit around frustrated! Don't wait for life to pass you by before you realise that all the while you had the power inside of you to change things, you just let the 'Whatifs' dominate. Be like this little life waiting to be born ~ full of optimism, hope and wonder at the possibilities open to you. Change the things you are not happy with and live. Get as much enjoyment out of life as you can, you just know it will be worth it!

Have fun, be creative, start from within.


Friday, 13 November 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Hope you are all having a funtastic fabulous Friday! How about we add another 'F' to that ~ fearless. Are you being fearless? If not, what one fearless thing can you do today? Is there something you have been putting off doing because you have built some fear up as to the consequences of your actions? As long as it isn't anything illegal or something that will harm another living entity, what is stopping you? Go ahead, be fearless, just do it!!

Easier said than done?? Not really. We build up a huge resistance to things in a way that is so totally unecessary. Fear does not exist outside of the head! Think about it, can we touch it? Does it have a shape or form that we can actually physically see? It is nothing more than a word that we attach emotions to and guess what, we can change our emotions anytime we want to!

Be bold, be brave and have a fun filled fearless weekend!

Be happy, be creative, start from within.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I want to start today with a big thank you to Charrise McCrorey who quoted Shel Silverstein in her blog. I had never heard of this person before but was impressed with what Charrise quoted so had a look at his work. Immediately liking what I read in the biography, I had to look further and found myself drawn to reading the following poem first:


Last night, while I lay thinking here,
some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
and pranced and partied all night long
and sang their same old Whatif song:

I'm going to leave it there, if you want to read the rest of the poem you can find it in print or a popular search engine will no doubt assist!

The point is we ALL have, or we have all had, 'Whatifs' that we let into our heads and we allow them to stop us from moving forward in our lives. In practically ever single case the 'Whatifs' are totally pointless and do nothing to serve us positively; all they do is hold us back. They are another form of fear that we allow to permeate our consciousness and then use as an excuse to not do something. 'Whatifs' are negative energy, they serve no positive purpose so do not fool yourselves that they are safety valves and are there to save you from something; they are only there to stop you. If we listened to every 'Whatif' that ever entered our heads, we would never do anything!! It wouldn't be safe to leave the house never mind drive a car or board a plane!

It always fascinates me how people apply things like 'Whatifs' at specific moments and to particular events, sometimes without actually being consciously aware of what they are doing and at other times, very aware I think.........

So what are the 'Whatifs' you are using as excuses to not move forward in your life? Be consciously aware over the next week (at least) of any 'Whatifs' that creep into your thoughts and then work out what the real fear is that you are not consciously facing. Once you identify your fears and 'call them,' they loose some of the hold and free you up so you can work through them. Write the 'Whatifs' down and look at them realistically. Now how scary do they look? Or how ridiculous.....?

Have fun, be creative, start from within.


Friday, 6 November 2009

Hi Everyone,

Well we have moved very swiftly from Halloween to Bonfire night and no doubt the fireworks will be exploding all weekend.

This got me to thinking, what sets a spark going in your life? What ignites your fire and lights the sky in your world?

Focusing on this is another way to raise your vibrational energy and get the feel good endorphins flowing. You put yourself in a better place, are more open and accepting of others and life, you may even start to smile and see the lighter side of a lot of things.

One of my favourite quotes that I regularly put at the end of my emails is, "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Howard Thurman
I noticed the super coach Steve Chandler added this at the end of his blog at the beginning of the month. Reading Steve's work is helping me to ignite the sparks in my life so a huge thank you going out to Steve.

So think about it, what ignites your fire? What makes you come alive? What are you waiting for...? Go do it................!!

Have fun; be creative; start from within.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Just a quick post as it's Thursday so I'm off to do my radio show very soon :-) but it's been on my mind recently and I wanted to mention it ~ the language we use, or even more precisely the words we choose to use.

Quite often, in fact probably more often than not, people do not realise the importance of the words they use when they communicate and the affect they not only have on other people but the affect they are having on themselves.

Take in particular the word 'hate' ~ it gets banded around in today's society so effortlessly and with the same glib attitude as though people were saying 'nice'! In fact, it is an extremely heavy word and loaded with negativity. It is a word I am working very hard to ban from my diction and from that of my children, particularly the youngest before he gets overly fond of using it. I think it is starting to work from a comment he made yesterday :-)
We banned 'stupid' (something you should never call anyone) amongst others and he takes great delight in telling people what a naughty word that is and I'm hoping for similar results with hate.

In the majority of cases it is used totally in the wrong context. What people really mean when they throw it out is 'I really do not like' or 'I totally detest...' or 'that really is awful' etc etc but it really isn't a case of 'hating' something.

More on words, the power of and how they are mis-used in the future. Right now, a studio awaits......

have fun, be creative, start from within.


Friday, 30 October 2009

"Energy flows where Attention goes..." so what are you focusing your attention on and is it something positive?? If it's worrying about something negative you need to change your focus as all you are doing is encouraging more of the negative into your life.

It takes a little practice but not that much really when you get into the swing of it. Just be very aware of what is going on in your head. If it isn't positive, change it and focus on something that is positive. Every time you realise your mind has wandered back onto something that isn't buzzing with positive vibes, re-focus. It doesn't matter what you focus on, it could be a beautiful colour you see in something out of the window, a special moment you shared with someone, an event you have planned that you are looking forward to.

Have a fun filled spooky weekend.

be creative, be bold, start from within


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Change Your Attitude!

I wanted to touch on something today that I might come back to in the course of time as it could be a pretty big subject, 'Change.' To some people it's almost a swear word - "What do you mean 'Change?!' Me? What for?" - and so on. I had a student once who could not accept the notion of change at all. To her it was the rest of the world that had to change, not her. In her eyes there was nothing at all wrong with her, and so there wasn't necessarily. She was doing the best she could under the circumstances of her life at that time; it's all any of us can do really, until we decide to change.......

Change is not about finding faults in ourselves or others and saying "You need to change!" although it could be and there is nothing wrong with making changes that are for the better. I'm not talking about going to bed one night and waking up in the morning a totally different person. You don't need to change the way you dress, or the colour of your hair, or the music you listen to etc although you may find some of these things happen as a natural occurrence from other changes you make.

The changes I'm talking about are our acceptance of the world and what goes on around us. Changing our attitude around things and, in particular, changing our thought patterns. As humans we often have a habit of plodding along in life; doing the same things day in day out. We walk the same routes, eat the same foods and have a general acceptance of 'well that's how it is.' What I would say to you is change your acceptance of things and change your thought patterns and it could totally change your life!

The changes you make can be very small and subtle but over a period of time, if applied continually and built on, it will be amazing how much of an impact they could have on your life. Start by doing things differently: walk or drive a different route to work/the shops/a friends/back home at the end of the day; change the layout of the furniture or the ornaments; change what you do at lunch time (if you eat lunch at your desk, get up and go for a walk - leave the building!); change your routine as much as you can.

The reason for all this? It will change your perspective on things. You will interact with different people. You will see things you would not ordinarily see. And the impact is that it will set your brain in motion to look at things differently. Once your brain gets active on viewing things from a different perspective, it becomes fun. The brain gets very busy and starts to challenge and question things that you have always taken for granted and quite often, things that you have really struggled with loose their serious hold and you can accept them in a lighter vein and perhaps even for what they are. Quite often 'things' are not as bad as we first thought, life can be a lot less serious, we just need to change our acceptance or perspective.

Take this time of the year, we are NOT in winter yet and I get annoyed when I hear so many people winging that we are! It is Autumn, a very important part of the year. It is a time of celebrating all the wonders of nature. It is a time to celebrate that we have the good fortune to have weather conditions that help produce an abundance of food that will sustain us through the cold weather when crops do not grow the same. It is a time to look forward to warm soups and stews, dressing the pumpkin, sparkling dew covered spiders webs. A time to marvel at all the beauty around us as the trees get ready to go to sleep and their leaves turn such magnificent colours.

"Of course it's getting cold, it's Autumn!!!" The world is getting ready for winter! It happens Every year! Are you not used to it by now!!?? You want sun, sun and more sun? Move to Arizona!!

For the majority of us we have clothes that we can layer on to keep warm. We have a roof over our heads in order to stay dry and warm. There is a cooker in the kitchen on which we can prepare a hot meal. What's your problem?? I give thanks very regularly every winter for all of these things and more (that fact that I have a warm bed to get into every night, a warm bath or shower to get clean and, yup, 'warm' me up).

Enjoy the seasons for what they are and for what you can get out of them. A change of attitude around the changing seasons could mean the difference between a warm enjoyable time and a difficult few months.

Be creative; have fun; learn from within.


p.s. If you want to do something really quite unusual, try sleeping upside down and see what that does for your perspective!!! :-)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Boost Your Mood In Seconds!

A really quick way to boost your mood when you are feeling down? Be grateful! Seriously, it's practicly impossible to stay really low when you start to give thanks or even just think about all the things in life that you are grateful for. No matter how low you are when you start to do this, I gaurentee that within a few minutes you will start to feel better! There may be days when you are so low that the last thing on your mind is how you might be grateful for anything however, just start and you will be amazed.

You might be thinking that there isn't anything that you are grateful for but just think about it for a few minutes..... Or you might be stuck in a place that sees the negative in 'everything' to the extent you can't see the good even in such things as being able to see, hear, taste etc but trust me, persevere. You can stop your mind from answering back with negative comments, yes you can, you just have to tell it to stop and talk even louder about the positive stuff and it will stop. So, for instance, if your mind is saying something like "but if I couldn't taste it would be great because then it wouldn't matter what I ate and that would make life so much easier!" override that with back talk such as "However, think how much I enjoy eating and tasting things such as ?, ?, ?, (replace question marks with your favourite food..) and it would be so sad if I couldn't taste those!"

Just start; the only thing you can do when you want to do something, the only action necessary to change or move forward, is to start.

So how many things are you grateful for today? There are millions of things really if we get right down to it and this exercise can actually take some time up ~ wow, just think what a massive boost of positive energy you will give yourself if you take up 10 or 15 minutes in any day to write down (or think about) all the things that you are grateful for!

Be creative; have fun; start from within.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Main Aims In Life

To inspire and motivate people to reach inside themselves and find the confidence to be fearless and by so doing, create a world and a life where they can prosper in total contentment, in peace and love.

Artemis is a Goddess and one of the things she stands for is 'reclaiming of the self'. Reaching inside to find the strength to be the real person you are ~ or in particular, the real woman you are.

The majority of people in the world hide behind a front. An image they give themselves that they think will be acceptable to the rest of the world. Their real self stays hidden away inside. I think this is particularly true in Britain where we still have an overhang from the Victorian era when one had to act accordingly!

Acting accordingly is fine and I totally agree that we should behave, have respect for others and use our manners etc however, there is a difference between that and allowing ourselves to be the person we know deep down inside is the real us.

That's the person who has the confidence to say 'no' when they really don't want to do something! That's the person who has the confidence to choose a career that they know they will get total satisfaction out of, even if it means studying for the next five years! That's the person who realises that they don't need thousands in the bank to enjoy life because life is happening all around them every second of every day, if they would only look up and see it......

I want to get as many people as I possibly can thinking, acting, talking and being as positive as they possible can ~ and the sooner the better!!

How I Intend To Do This

By all means at my disposal!

Book me to deliver a Confidence Building and/or Motivational course or workshop; book a Positive Performance Coaching session; listen in to my weekly slot on a local radio station, 102.6fm or via the net at (late lunch with L & L every Thursday 1-3) where I throw in a bit of positivism with a few good tunes; book me for a motivational talk ~ I haven't been called 'Inspirational' for nothing!!

"What the world needs..."

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Howard Thurman. I love that. Isn't it just great! 'Come alive', do the thing in life that makes you come alive.

I can hear lots of little voices in the background saying things like "yeah, right, if only life was that easy!" "What planet is this woman living on?" "You need a reality check!" etc.

But do you know what? One of the things I am finally coming to realise, thanks to a most amazing guy called Steve Chandler, is that we can actually do the things in life that we really want to do, we just have to have the guts to go and do them!

One of the things that has been coming in and out of my head so often of late is "nothing is any more difficult than what we make it". We make things - life, encounters, relationships, everything - so much more difficult than we need to. Why do we do that??

Well the answer is quite simple really, fear!

And that's where I will pick up next time, maybe.........