Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring Cleaning and New Chapters

Yes, it's that time of the year when the buzz words are 'Spring Cleaning' ~ time to dust the webs away, perhaps think about decorating and get out and tidy the garden. Signs of the earth coming out of its winter sleep are all around now as buds begin to appear, early flowers are blooming and the weather gets slowly warmer; great isn't it!

Have you ever thought about applying the same technique to your mind? Spring cleaning mentally. Clearing out those thoughts that you have clung on to that serve no purpose. So many of us do this, cling on to thoughts like possessions, almost scared to let them go. Do you realise that you are blocking your energy flow by doing this? Unless of course they are good thoughts yet more often than not, it's the negative stuff that goes round and round our heads. The little nagging voice that says 'could have' 'should have' if only I'd...' etc. Playing like a worn out recording over and over and bringing our mood down. Time to get that vacuum going in our heads and get rid of all that negativity. Thoughts like these really do not serve any purpose in a positive direction; they block the flow of the good stuff we need.

Is it difficult to stop these negative thoughts? Of course not! Nothing is any more difficult than we want to make it. We get told that it's not easy however, it depends on what you want to believe and if you want to listen to someone else rather than try or even prove the opposite, it may be difficult. If you want it to be easy you will make it so. As with many things, it's purely a case of mind over matter. Every time one of 'those' thoughts pops into your head, you just have to say to yourself, "yes, thank you, now go away!" and force your mind to think about something else. It may take more than a week to get to the stage where you can change your thought and not go back to the original one at all although it can be done and probably quicker than you think. The length of time depends on how much effort you want to put into it and how many times 'those' thoughts come into your mind. The more you practise, the easier it becomes.

Once you have mastered this and cleared your mind of all the dust gathering negative nonsense (let's be honest, most of it is nonsense in the grand scheme of things...), you open the way for positive energy to come in and fill the space. Brilliant! Lots of positive vibes buzzing round the head to make us feel good and alive ~ woohoo! And is there a time any better than spring for clearing out all the cobwebs?

You also pave the way for new chapters to open in your life when you are not bogged down by the weight of all the unnecessary. You make space, whether physically or mentally, for something new. I know a few people who are opening exciting new chapters in their lives just now, the very best of luck to all of you. Wow, you are so lucky and I am excited for you! It's fabulous and I want to pout and say "But I want a new chapter to open for me too..." Looks like I need to get spring cleaning to make some space; hmm now where did I put that duster :-)

Why not make the remainder of March 'Mind Over Matter Month' and put this to the test? Clear all the unwanted clutter out of your head and pave the way for new, exciting, light, vibrant energy to put you in the mood for a wonderful spring and glorious summer; perhaps even paving the way for a brand new chapter to open.

Have fun, be creative, learn from within.