Friday, 29 January 2010

People vs Things.

Today I watched a very moving video that I don't mind admitting, reduced me to tears. It is the last lecture given by a university professor who was living his last few months; he had cancer and had been given approximately three months to live. Now this might seem like a bit of a depressing start to a post that is ordinarily positive however, out of many a dark corner there comes a bright light. Because I am a positive person I don't have to look too hard to find the bright side of most things, no matter how bad they may seem to others. Even the professor was upbeat and positive; it was not a lecture about dying or regrets or anything sad. He had a very positive message to give and people are still learning from him even after he has passed over.

One of the things I got from his message was about people vs things. 'Things' as in material goods - the t.v., the car, the furniture etc. - and I have to agree with every word he said though at the same time admit to being as guilty as the next person in that I have given more importance to the material things in life, at times, than I probably ought. Of course it's fine to want to have things looking nice and to want things to last as long as possible however, are you giving 'things' the time and attention they warrant or is it so much that it is to the detriment of your relationships?

Material 'things' are replaceable and even though, to an extent, certain people in our lives are replaceable, other people are not. If we do part company with a friend and replace that person with another friend, they are still not the same person. We are all so totally unique that we will never really be replaced, it's an impossibility. And what about the people in your life that cannot be replaced? The very special people who you care very deeply about. Are you giving them the time and attention they deserve? Are you giving them as much time and attention as you give to polishing and looking after your car or bike? Or for the amount of time you spend cleaning your house? Or the same amount of time you spend surfing the net or shopping for the latest gadget?

People are not replaceable the same as 'things' are so why act as though they are or act as though they will be here forever so what's the rush in spending time with them. 'Big' lesson, none of us will be here forever. Don't put off spending time with people who mean something to you. Don't put off telling someone how much you think of them, how much you appreciate or love them because you feel embarrassed or think you have all the time in the world to do it. We never know what is on the horizon or how long we have this time round.

To make this even more positive, why not tell someone something really good and positive about themselves; it's a wonderful thing to do. It puts a smile on your face as well as theirs and will raise both your energies. Spend time finding ways to lighten people, to make them feel good, to give them something positive to think about. It's a great thing to do and you can do it for everyone you meet in your day, regardless of whether you count them as being 'special' in your life or not. Be spontaneous, surprise someone and boost two peoples energy in one quick sweet move.

Spend time with people not 'things' and shine like the beautiful individual you are.

Have fun, be creative, learn from within.


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